Scope of activities


Scientific research in the field of Education, Psychology.

Educational science research  in general and international educational science research in particular is an urgent need to build a theoretical basis to guide education reform, as well as to collect and analyze information. as a basis for educational decisions. International education research helps Vietnam to narrow the gap with the countries with advanced education in the world. Knowledge of international education is needed not only for leaders and policymakers, but also for all educational managers, for each teacher, lecturer, because they are themselves in reality will define the education system.

Education Consultancy Centre carries out scientific research tasks, research projects in the field of education and psychology in accordance with the mission of the Hanoi Association of Education and Psychology.


Consulting, criticising, evaluating

Consultancy, criticism and evaluation in the field of education are aimed at providing organizations, agencies, unions and individuals which have educational programs and projects that need investment with scientific basis, independence, objectivity, honesty when proposing, developing, appraising, approving and implementing projects with good results and high efficiency, avoiding errors that cause waste of resources.

As a unit of the Hanoi Association of Education and Psychology, the Education Consultancy Centre has been and will actively participate in consulting, criticizing and evaluating activities according to the assignment of the Association and the Authority.


Building, developing and transferring training programs and courses for teachers and students.

In order to successfully participate in the 4.0 industrial revolution, especially in the field of education and training, the Government of Vietnam and the Ministry of Education and Training have facilitated and encouraged scientific research and education. , international cooperation in the field of education. With the initiative, dynamism and creativity, the Education Consultancy Centre is a place for scientists, educators and people who are dedicated to the education of the country to promote their experience and expertise together in providing solutions, cooperating with educational institutions of countries with advanced education, from which can build and develop training programs and courses for teachers, learners and students  in accordance with the reality of Vietnam to contribute practically to the development of Vietnamese education in general and contribute to addressing the needs of units, organizations and individuals in particular.


Training and coaching.

The Center for education consultancy regulary coordinates  with domestic as well as international agencies, mass organizations, schools, enterprises to organize training and practicing of educational programs and methods in the field of general education, Stem education, Life skills – Life values education, Experiential education for teachers, organizations and individuals in need.


International cooperation.

Promoting international cooperation in education and training is an extremely important goal of the education sector. With extensive experience in cooperating with educational partners, especially educational partners in the field of general education, Stem education, Life skills education, Experiential education in the US and Finland, In the coming time, the Education Consultancy Centre will continue to strengthen international cooperation activities, which focus on two key objectives: International integration of training through joint training activities, quality accreditation …, international integration in scientific research, through collaborative research topics, projects and programs

Products and services within the scope of cooperation and transfer must ensure quality, be compatible with the general development trend of the world’s education and be compatible with policies of the State, cultural characteristics, conditions and people of Vietnam.


Organizing of seminars and workshops.

Center for Education counseling is the unit that organizes seminars and workshops for domestic and foreign organizations, units, schools, mass organizations, focusing on the field of general education, Stem education, Life Skills- Life Values education, Experiential Education.