Education Consultancy Centre (the Center) was established under the Decision No. 1079 / QD-UB of Hanoi People’s Committee, issued on March 16, 1998. The Education Consultancy Centre is directly under the Hanoi Psychology and Education Association (the Association) and is managed by the Association. The Center operates in accordance with the provisions of Laws and the State, and according to the Center’s Operation Regulation approved by the Association.

The main tasks of the Center include:

    • Researching adolescents inside and outside the school, psychological analysis – education – career; create conditions to improve the quality of learning, vocational guidance and vocational training; cultural exchange, educational development.
    • Providing psychological, educational and occupational counseling services for teenagers, parents and agencies, organizations, mass organizations and units in need.
    • Organizing conferences, seminars, linking education forces to contribute to expanding the types of training, technical universalization and application of new educational technologies.
    • Cooperating with domestic and international individuals and organizations to implement projects and application research programs, contributing to the implementation of educational socialization.
    • Participating in scientific research, propaganda, introduction and contribute to advise the Hanoi Psychology and Education Association in matters related to the field of psychological and educational applications.

Over 21 years of operation and development, the Education Consultancy Centre has actively contributed to the development of the Hanoi Psychology and Education Association. The members of the Center have been actively involved in finding solutions to  issues such as: school violence; counseling psychology … Regarding scientific research activities, under the direction of the Association, the Center has participated in completing many city-level scientific research projects and projects with non-governmental organizations and collaborative researchs with schools. In addition, the Center has also had many practical activities associated with international non-governmental organizations as well as coordinating with domestic organizations to implement projects on educational psychology.

In the coming time, the Center will focus on the following tasks: Actively participate in scientific research activities in the field of education and psychology; consulting and reviewing scientific research projects, education and training programs; research, develop training programs and courses for teachers and students in the field of Stem education, life skills – life value education, experiential education; organizing seminars; training and coaching; strengthen international cooperation.