Hanoi Psychology and Education Association organizes a seminar on “Student happiness at school”

On the morning of October 8, at the Nguyen Hue High School for the Gifted, the Hanoi Psychology and Education Association in collaboration with the Hanoi Department of Education and Training organized a seminar on the theme of  “Student happiness at school” with the presentation. by Professor Agnes Florin, specialist in Child Psychology and Education research of Nantes University (Republic of France).

At the scientific information session, delegates heard Prof. Agnes Florin presenting the contents regarding the topic “Student’s happiness at school” such as: Happiness of children coming to school – Challenges of the future ; The development and educational needs of young children; Innovation and experimentation to improve the quality of life in the school environment. Through some research results of  Professor Agnes Florin in France, especially the self-assessment of the quality of life in schools of a thousand pupils at all levels, some of which have been closely followed for three years, she has emphasized the need for moral and social benefits to better consider children’s voices about school life and decisions relating themselves.

The seminar aims to help psychologists and educators understand the meaning of building a school culture, creating a friendly, comfortable, happy school environment and improving students’ sense of safty  inside and outside school environment.

Source: Capital Education Magazine